5 Gift Ideas for Dancers

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to get on top of your Christmas shopping. If you have a dancer to buy for – whether they’re an avid dancer or love to simply dance for fun –  here are ten gift ideas guaranteed to make them twirl!


  1. Dance bag – every dancer needs a dance bag to store their shoes, drink bottle, towel and whatever else they may need in their weekly classes. Garment bags are also useful for storing costumes, hairpieces, makeup and hairstyling items when it comes to concert time.
  2. Reusable water bottle – it’s important to stay hydrated when dancing. Make the eco-friendly choice and choose a reusable drink bottle for your dancer. Some drink bottles available are even insulated to keep the water cold. Personalised drink bottles are available at Dance Factor, to ensure your dancer never loses their drink bottle!
  3. Dance uniform – this is a gift guaranteed to be used by your dancer each week all throughout 2021! Whether it is a leotard for ballet, tap shoes, stockings or a warm jacket for winter, it is important to be prepared for dance classes.
  4. Dance journal/diary – a dance journal is the perfect Christmas gift idea for dancers as we head into the new year – keeping a diary is a useful tool for dancers to keep track of their progress throughout the year, set goals, and reflect on their progress with flexibility, strength and any other technical skills.
  5. Dance magazine subscription – there are a range of Dance Magazine publications both Australian and from abroad that regularly publish magazine content to keep your dancer up to date with all the latest news in the dance world. For example: Dance Informa, Dance Australia Magazine, Dance Train – and so many more.


Many of these gift ideas – dance bags, drink bottles, uniforms (including sweat towels, stockings, dance shoes, garment bags and more) are available for purchase from Dance Factor’s uniform store. 

Don’t hesitate to come in and check out the range we have on offer or contact us at info@dance-factor.com.au


2 Dec 2020