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We, the staff at Dance Factor by Jessica Walker recognise our obligation to make sure our students and their parents are aware of the risks and hazards involved in the sport of dance and acrobatics. By signing this waiver, you release DFJW Pty Ltd and all its employees from all claims on account of any injury, which may be sustained by you or your child while attending any dance class, event associated with DFJW Pty Ltd or outside performance. In signing this waiver, you also acknowledge your responsibility in paying term fees, any associated costume fees, entry fees for performances and competition and all other communicated costs involved. If you or your child is absent, class fees are still payable, this also applies to private lessons. Class fees can be waived due to holidays longer than a 2-week period, however you must inform DFJW Pty Ltd via email prior to invoices being issued. Costume invoices and deposits are non-refundable in any case. If your invoice is paid later than the due date, you acknowledge that your multiple class discounts will be voided and there will be a 10% late fee added to the total balance. You acknowledge that an administration fee of $11.00 will be charged to make any invoice changes after it has been issued. All associated charges in regards to obtaining outstanding fees will also be added to your invoice.