Why Do Dancers Need Leg Strength?

Having adequate leg strength can have many benefits for improving and developing dance technique. 

Having a strong core, shoulders and back can assist with better posture, while strengthening hamstrings, calves and quad muscles can benefit dancers by assisting with:

  • The ability to jump higher. Having strong leg muscles gives more power for jumps and leaps.
  • More stability for better balance. This will assist with turns and leg holds as well as make landings easier.
  • More muscle can lower the risk of injury. The muscles around the bones help to soften landings.
  • Less stress on the joints while dancing. The joints will be more resilient to hard landings and fast changes in direction if they are strong
  • Better turnout and technique. Stronger muscles improves the ability to maintain turnout while dancing and completing difficult technical movements like turns and leaps.

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16 Jun 2021


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