Why Do Dancers Need Core Strength?

We’ve all heard our teachers talking about important it is to have good core strength. The holidays are a great time to ensure you are maintaining all of the hard work you have put into building your core strength in term one.

But first, why do dancers need to have core strength?

Core strength is important to promote balance for those tricky leg holds and pesky pirouettes and turns. It’s also important for correct alignment and posture, which not only improves the quality of your performance as a dancer, but can even decrease the risk of injury and stress on our joints.

Here are a few of our tips for improving and maintaining core strength.

  1. Practice the core exercises you have learned in class. This way when you come back after the holidays and try them again, it won’t be such a shock to the system.
  2. Focus on completing the exercises with correct form. It’s all well and good to do lots of crunches, but it won’t be beneficial to maintaining your strength unless you do them properly.
  3. Don’t forget to warm up first. Warm up just like you do with your teacher in class to ensure you won’t hurt yourself.
  4. Make it fun! Don’t forget it’s the holidays so you can have fun, while still being focused. Things like playing on the monkey bars can be a fun way to keep your muscles working.

If you try out any of these tips at home these holidays, don’t forget to let us know on our socials @dancefactor

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14 Apr 2021


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