What To Look For In a Dance Studio

When considering enrolment in classes at a dance studio, there are so many questions to consider. Which types of classes are available? What is the teaching team like? How much will the classes cost? What about uniforms and costumes?

With so many options and choices, it can be overwhelming. However, we believe there are some key qualities to look out for when searching for the right studio for your dancer to ensure they find themselves in the perfect dance environment tailored to them.


1. Variety of classes available

Ensure classes are available in all of the styles your child may want to explore. You want to look for classes that cater to all levels and abilities so that your child can meet their individual needs. The wider the variety, the better!


2. Great facilities

Every dance studio needs at least a full-body mirror for dancers to use to self-correct as they learn and to assist with teaching. It’s important that your dancer has every opportunity to grow, so having a variety of props, tools, and equipment for acrobatics and stretching is something to look out for.


3. Reasonable prices and payment plan options

Afternoon school activities can really add up in your weekly budget, so something that may be beneficial to consider is studios that offer classes at affordable prices, but also offer incentives like payment plans, multiple class discounts, and capped class pricing.


4. Values of the studio

Often overlooked but worth considering, is the moral and ethical values the studio holds. The values held by the teachers and staff will influence your child’s own values over time, so ensure that the studio’s values align with your own. You want your child to have a supportive and encouraging dance family.


At Dance Factor, we offer classes catering to all levels, ages, and abilities in a wide variety of dance styles. With a brand new purpose-built space with three studios, and a variety of props, acrobatics, and technical equipment to offer, we are certain we can find the perfect classes to meet your child’s individual needs. 


With an emphasis on fun, friendship, inclusivity, and improving dance abilities we aim to promote a supportive dance family. We also offer payment plans, and discounts to suit your budget. 


For any enquiries about pricing, enrolments, free trial classes, or general questions, don’t hesitate to email Jessica at jessica@dance-factor.com.au.


13 Oct 2020


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