What Soloists Can Gain From Doing Eisteddfods

Taking private lessons can not only be a great way for students to improve their technique and skill set but also an opportunity to develop their performing skills for the stage. There are even a wide variety of Illawarra based dance eisteddfods students can choose to participate in.

Many students that partake in private lessons choose to develop routines with their teacher to perform solo on stage, which can benefit students in a number of ways, such as:

  1. Stage and performance experience

Students improve their skills in performing on stage by gaining more experience. They are encouraged by performing solo to improve skills like using facial expressions, acting out emotions, using musicality and how to connect with their audience through their expression onstage.

       2. Independence and self-sufficiency

Performing solo on stage requires students to think for themselves, ensure they are being responsible for remembering everything they need onstage like costumes, music, and props. Students learn to prepare themselves by practicing their routines.

       3. Community

Soloists also benefit by becoming a part of a unique community of other soloists. Although dancers perform alone onstage, many make lifelong friends with other soloists backstage waiting to perform with their fellow dance competitors.


While performing solos at eisteddfods requires commitment, responsibility and determination, it is an ultimately rewarding experience for those who embark on the journey.

Dance Factor offers private lessons in all styles of dance at affordable prices. For any enquiries about starting private lessons at Dance Factor email Jessica at jessica@dance-factor.com.au


10 Nov 2020


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