What are the Advantages of Air Tracks for Dancers?

Air tracks have become increasingly popular in recent years for use in acrobatics and tumbling classes. In today’s post, we’ll talk about all the advantages of having an air track, since we’ve got a shiny brand new one to use in all of our Acrobatics classes this year.

If you don’t know what an air track is, it is an inflatable piece of equipment used to assist tumbling. But what are some of the advantages to having this tool? How can it help dancers reach their goals?

  1. Dancers get more impact in tumbling using a lesser amount of energy. Using the air track, the body becomes less exhausted while tumbling over and over in class, making it is easier on growing dancers’ joints.
  2. With the extra ability to jump and bounce higher, dancers are able to more easily grasp the motion of difficult tumbling skills, helping them develop these skills quicker.
  3. It is sturdy enough to both jump from and land on safely, more so than a trampoline, so dancers are able to practice both jumping and landing on the mat.
  4. When inflated, air tracks are light, quick and easy to move around the studio, meaning no class time is eaten up setting up the equipment.
  5. Finally, They are super fun! There’s nothing better than having a jump and playing around with your friends in the safe environment of an acrobatics class.

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10 Feb 2021