Top Tips For Efficient Warm Ups for Dancers

Warming up not only properly, but also efficiently should be vital to every dancer’s routine before class. But what does it mean to warm up efficiently? And how can we make sure we are doing this?

Efficient warm ups for dancers mean prepping the body for MOVEMENT. 

Often we think this means we need to stretch – yes, we do need to stretch, however it would not be efficient to simply do static stretching (holding a stretch still). Static stretching doesn’t get blood flowing around our body and therefore we risk straining our muscles, since they have not been properly warmed up prior.

A more efficient warm up could include movement that gets the blood flowing such as:

  • Running on the spot
  • Skipping rope
  • Lunges
  • Star jumps
  • Dynamic stretches such as flexing and pointing the feet

Ultimately, we want to be getting our body MOVING prior to performing our dances. Don’t spend all of your warm up trying to force yourself into the splits. Instead, practice your splits after class, when your muscles are warm and have more elasticity.

Let us know if you give these tips a go!


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17 May 2022


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