Tips for Staying Active in the School Holidays

We all know how important it is for kids to stay active during the school holidays, but with the circumstances that have arisen in 2020 meaning young children and teenagers are having to spend more time at home, this can be easier said than done. 


With the easy accessibility of online technologies to children in this day and age, technologies like tablets and smartphones have become a big part of their lives. Although these technologies can be great learning and communication tools, they can also encourage more screen time and less active play, which is also important for physical and mental wellbeing – particularly in a time where there are less opportunities to play outside.


It is especially important for dancers to stay active throughout the school holidays. They need to maintain the flexibility and strength they have built up throughout the year, in order to continue improving as they head into the new year, rather than losing the skills they have worked hard on building.

  • Choose active gifts for kids over Christmas – such as skipping ropes, balls, backyard physical games
  • Go for a Christmas Light looking walk!
  • Encourage kids to create their own dance concert – get creative with restyling the dance moves they have learned throughout the year
  • Designing their own costumes – use recycled materials, and old dance costumes to put together easy costumes for their dance concert at home!
  • Youtube dance tutorials – kids can learn some new dance moves to bring with them in 2021!
  • Holiday dance workshops – Dance Factor will be running School Holiday workshops in January – more information will be released soon, so don’t forget to check your email in the new year.

How do you find ways to ensure your kids stay active in the school holidays?

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9 Dec 2020


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