Tips for Improving Balance and Stability for Dancers

Having good stability and balance is an important skill for dancers on any level whether you are an advanced dancer or you have just started learning how to dance.

It’s a dancer’s job to make their movement look fluid and easy, but this requires a lot of work on balance and stability.

Here are some tips and exercises to improve this:

  • Improve core strength: do core exercises like plank, dish shape and crunches
  • Work on posture: practice sitting straight in your chair when sitting and remember to use ballet posture in all your dancing
  • Practice without a mirror: dancing without a mirror (like when on stage) can sometimes throw balance off, so get used to dancing with and without a mirror
  • Try it with closed eyes: practice balancing on a rise with your eyes closed to challenge yourself
  • Create a solid base: make sure to give yourself a good foundation – give your ankles special attention strengthening the inside and outside of the feet

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15 Dec 2021