Teamwork in Dance Eisteddfods

Being part of a dance troupe provides children with many of the benefits of working as a team. While many tend to consider dance to be an individual sport, the reality is that dancers in a troupe need to work as a team. 


Dancers work together by considering others in space, helping each other remember routines, supporting each other in movement sequences and lifts. Dancers are sometimes even required to know multiple areas of the choreography in case a teammate becomes sick, or cannot attend a competition. Being a part of a troupe is certainly not as simple as learning dance moves and performing them at the same time as your friends.


Being part of an eisteddfod team allows those participating to develop a sense of sportsmanship. This involves sportsmanship with each other by encouraging and supporting others on their dance team, as well as improving sportsmanship skills by interacting with other local dance teams.


Another benefit of being involved in dance eisteddfod teams is the improved ability for students to work together under pressure. Often, dancers need to adapt at the last minute to changes. Whether it be a costume mishap, an oddly-shaped stage – dancers in an eisteddfod team come together to problem solve and perform the best routine they can on the stage.


Finally, being part of a dance troupe can help to contribute to a greater sense of belonging for dancers, not only with friends within the studio but also within the wider dance community. Dancers within the community often interact and make strong friendships behind the scenes in the changerooms, while waiting to dance onstage.

Though troupe is a strong commitment, there are so many benefits to being part of a troupe team, that goes beyond simply improving dance abilities. If you or your child are interested in giving troupe a go, don’t hesitate to contact Jessica at


29 Sep 2020