Style Spotlight: Lyrical

Lyrical dance has become one of the most popular styles in the dance world today. Not only does the free flowing nature of the movement draw a wide variety of dancers in, but it is a style that is approachable not only for experienced dancers, but also for newcomers and young dancers.

The style can be described as a combination of jazz and ballet movements, often using lyrics to inspire movements. A sound knowledge of ballet and jazz techniques as well as the ability to act and perform is needed for this style, and as an expressive style, it offers a lot of freedom for students to express individuality and emotions. The emotional content of the style appeals to a wide variety of dancers, and it can often also be less demanding at times in terms of physical movement and fitness, being a slower more balletic style. However, the need for strength and stamina should not be underestimated in this style.

Because this style is constantly evolving and changing with new influences in current music, dance productions and emerging dancers and choreographers, there is no doubt it will continue to offer new ways for dancers to express themselves and find something that will appeal to each dancer within this style.

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6 Jan 2021