Style Spotlight: Dance Acrobatics

For the first installment of our Style Spotlight blog series we are introducing Dance Acrobatics


Dance Acrobatics is a relatively new and emerging style within the dance world, but even still, it has become highly popular across a variety of dance styles, such as Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop and so many more. In recent years many dance competitions have even offered Acrobatic sections for routines dedicated solely to the Dance Acrobatics style.


This style has become pretty important in the dance world. For some young children, the agility and grace demonstrated is what draws them into the dance world in the first place. Think of the important visual role Acrobatics plays in musical theatre shows like Newsies, Pippin, or The Greatest Showman!


So, what is Acrobatics?


Commonly referred to as ‘Acro’ this style involves combining classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. These consist of a variety of skills such as tumbling, flips, aerials, somersaults, as well as balancing, such as inversions like handstands and the many varieties of handstands such as elbow stands, shoulder stands, and chest stands. Acrobatics also consists of contortion elements and strength elements, and all of these need to be coordinated within classical dance choreography. It’s definitely a challenging style, but very rewarding for hardworking students.


Even though acrobatics is a new style of dance, it has managed to make a huge impact on the dance world. It has changed the way we structure dance routines and has moved us from only utilising traditional styles and techniques in choreography, into a new terrain where learning and developing acrobatic skills and infusing this within traditional classical techniques is encouraged.


If you or your child are interested in giving Acrobatics a go, we offer a variety of classes here at Dance Factor, as well as one free trial class in each style. We offer a variety of levels catering for all ages: beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. Email Jessica today!


15 Sep 2020


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