Style Spotlight: Ballet

Ballet is one of the most well-known and recognisable forms of dance, but many don’t know much about the history of ballet, or even why it is still so important for dancers to practice today.


Ballet is essentially the foundation of all dance styles. Almost all styles of dance have some roots in this genre, or at least use similar movement sequences: jazz, tap, contemporary and even hip-hop. It originated from court dancing and over time developed into a classical style we still practice today.


Ballet is vital for dancers to practice because it gives students the ability to develop dance technique. This is achieved through repeating foundational movements like jumps, leaps, kicks, stretches, rising onto the toes and more. By repeating these steps and correcting alignment of the body, and posture, dancers are able to learn the correct classical dance technique.

Technique is so important because without it, safe dance practice cannot be achieved. Dancing with correct classical technique can minimise the risk of injury for dancers by ensuring the body is using the correct muscles and the bones are in alignment as they move through space. Plus, dancing which is technically clean is very visually appealing – effortless looking!


Learning ballet dance not only improves physical technique for safe dance practice, but also teaches students the value of hard work, strong work ethic, stamina and patience. It is certainly not a style that comes naturally to most dancers but the hard work is rewarding when it translates across into other genres of their dance practice, making dancers more well-rounded.


Dance Factor offers ballet classes suitable for all ages and adheres to the Australian Teachers of Dance Ballet Syllabus. Email Jess at today to enrol or book a free trial lesson!


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6 Oct 2020


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