Setting Dance Goals for the New Year

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about how far we have come as dancers and individuals throughout the year, as well as a great time to set intentions and goals for the new year ahead of us.

The past year’s events have taught us that adaptability and flexibility is much more key for growth than restrictive requirements and goals. Although many of our dancers’ usual expectations and goals for 2020 were thrown out the window, our young should be applauded for the way they were able to adapt themselves to online learning and social distancing rules in classes and performances.

Often it can be more helpful to think about small steps and broader intentions for the upcoming year rather than creating strict goals and deadlines. Being more positive rather than restrictive is key for a healthy mindset surrounding growth and improvement.

Dancers can begin to think about the intentions they may want to achieve by:

  1. Writing down some of the ways you have evolved in 2020
  2. Thinking about what has changed and what has stayed the same
  3. Write down some of the skills you want to improve this upcoming year
  4. Break down these goals into small steps that can be adapted and changed

Let us know what intentions and goals for dance you are setting in 2021 by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @dancefactor

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13 Jan 2021


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