Online Dance Classes You Can Take Now

With social distancing measures put in place, dance studios around Australia and the world have had to close their doors. But this doesn’t mean dancing has stopped altogether – it has only meant people in the dance industry have had to get creative.

Thanks to video and streaming technology, there are a variety of dance classes available to take online. Online tutorials can be a great way to maintain dance technique from home, or even learn new styles.

Don’t forget Dance Factor is offering online classes! Find the 2020 online timetable here.

Here is a list of some additional online classes available:

From Australia

  • Sydney Dance Company
    • Offers a variety of styles ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and more
    • Offers adult and children classes
  • Australasian Dance Collective
    • Offering interactive classes via Zoom
  • Chunky Move
    • Offering open classes (contemporary/open style)
  • “Bedroom Dancing for Isolated Times” by Erin Fowler
    • Offering adult and children classes
  • Isolation Ballet Club
    • Ballet, hip-hop and contemporary classes for adults
  • Shaun Parker and Company
    • Electro-pop online
    • Aimed at 12-24 years
  • The Social DisDance Project
    • Independent artist-led online dance class
    • A wide range of styles

Overseas Online Classes

  • Broadway Dance Centre
    • Instagram free daily dance videos
    • Livestream classes
  • Radio City Rockettes
    • Free live classes on Instagram every Thursday
  • Steps on Broadway
    • ‘Virtual Steps’ full weekly schedule of classes taught by faculty members
  • Steezy
    • A downloadable app
    • Online well before the pandemic
    • Urban style based

Whether you are wanting to simply maintain your dance technique, learn new dance styles, or just starting out, there are classes available for all levels.

To find more online dance classes click here:


3 Jun 2020


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