Kids are learning more than just dance in the studio

For many, there are plenty of advantages to taking dance classes, such as enhancing fitness and physical health, the mental health benefits of exercise, and the opportunity to channel creativity.

But for growing children, these types of benefits can be particularly helpful. As children develop into their teens and young adulthood, taking dance class can strengthen their work and learning skills, setting them up for greater success later in life.

Here are a few skills other than dance moves, that children are gaining whilst in the studio:

  1. Social skills

Dance is a highly social sport. Teamwork and collaboration is often encouraged in the studio which can develop children’s skills in problem solving, cooperation and trust in others. It is also an opportunity to build friendships that may even last a lifetime.

2. Creative skills

As an artform, dance in all styles encourages creativity and allows children to express themselves in many ways. As children build confidence and trust in others throughout their early development, creative problem solving can benefit children for life.

3. Resilience and enhanced emotional development

When children experience the joy of dancing they are able to develop their ability to express themselves in a positive way. They can find dance to be a positive physical outlet for releasing emotions and frustrations, which can benefit long term emotional maturity.

4. Enhanced cognitive development

Regularly attending dance classes from a young age helps children to develop time management and self-discipline skills. As children mature, they will need to balance school, work, extra-curricular activities and their social life. The discipline skills implemented from an early age in dance class can transfer across many aspects of life.


Why Dance Factor?

Dancing has so many benefits for children. Not only is it a great way for them to stay active, healthy and fit, but they develop many of these beneficial skills through dance class without even realising it.

At Dance Factor, each of these benefits are encouraged within our classes and we strive to support children in an encouraging and fun environment.

If you are looking to increase your child’s physical, cognitive and developmental skills through dance, enrol in a Dance Factor class today!


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11 Aug 2020


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