How To Stretch Better at Home

It’s important for our dancers to stretch at home throughout the dance year in order to assist and benefit the development of their flexibility, strength and overall dance technique.

Stretching at home is also important for dancers to practice over the school holiday break. Six weeks off practicing can minimise some of the hard work dancers have put into their technique throughout the year! However, by practicing stretching at home this flexibility can be maintained.

Here are five ways you can improve your stretching routine at home: 

  1. Try to start with active stretching, not static stretching. Make sure to do some sort of cardiovascular exercise to get your heart rate up first, to get the blood flowing around your body and ensure your muscles are ready to stretch. For example, try skipping, jumping, or jogging first.
  2. Remember safety comes first! Make sure you are only practicing stretches you are comfortable with and that have been taught to you by your dance teacher. 
  3. Don’t tackle all of your goals at once. Start with a few specific small goals and work your way up. For example, instead of trying to learn how to become flat in the splits straight away, try to practice lunges, hamstring stretches and calf stretches first.
  4. Work on strength too! Don’t forget that your muscles need both support and flexibility in order to safely practice dance. For example, if you are working on stretching your back, ensure to do some ab exercises to support your muscles.
  5. Always remember to cool down. If you have a foam roller this can be used to assist this, or you can do some light stretches to cool down after a stretch session.

If you are practicing your stretching at home throughout these school holidays, remember to send us photos of your progress on our social media! You can tag us on Facebook: Dance Factor by Jessica Walker, or over on Instagram: @dancefactor

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16 Dec 2020


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