How to Maintain Flexibility and Strength in the Holidays

The summer break is always an exciting time, but six weeks off practicing dance in class can mean that we lose some of our strength and flexibility.

It can be greatly beneficial to dancers to create a short stretch and strengthening routine to complete a few days a week. This will ensure that they are able to bounce back as quickly as they can when the new year comes, with a lower risk of injury.

Our tips for sticking to a stretch and strength routine:

  • Set simple goals – ensure they are achievable and you will be more likely to stick to the routine. 
  • Remember to focus on maintaining what you have learned throughout the year – make a list of your best achievements and practice them a few times a week
  • Find the best time of the day for you – some people might want to start their morning with some stretch and strength, some might prefer to stretch after lunch or some before bed.
  • Plan ahead – write down a program to follow and set aside 10-20 minutes to do stretch and strength
  • Make it fun – practice your favourite dance skills with your friends – you could meet together and have fun practicing acro tricks and cool dance moves


We are so excited for the holiday season and to celebrate with friends and family! We are wishing all of our students a happy and safe Christmas. We can’t wait to see you all next year!


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15 Dec 2021