How to Improve your Memory for Choreography

Having the ability to quickly learn and retain choreography in dance class is just as valuable as having flawless dance technique. For some it comes naturally, but how can the rest of us improve our choreographic memory? 

With technology available today many of us tend to turn to our devices to record a video – while this is a useful tool, what if the video is accidentally deleted? We suggest:

  1. Work with a friend: together you can better fill in the blanks and figure out what the steps were the previous week
  2. Stay in the right headspace: in breaks and moments where the teacher is focussing on other tasks like assigning positions or marking the roll, go over the steps while they are fresh in your mind
  3. Listen to the music: play the song if you can and review which parts of the music the dance movements went along with
  4. Study the dances before bed: reviewing the dances before sleeping can help to convert the short term memory of the movement into long term memory

Try these out and let us know how these tips worked for you on our socials! @dancefactor 


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23 Jun 2021


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