How Dance Develops Time Management Skills

Some of the well-known benefits of taking dance classes are improved fitness and increased production of happy hormones, but dance offers a variety of other benefits as well. Particularly for younger dancers, dance develops the ability to self-manage and organise time around various other factors like schoolwork, social events and family time. 

Balancing social and school life with dance classes

Dancers get a head start in learning to balance their social life and school work with a hobby- while most people eventually learn this skill, dancers develop this skill from a young age. They learn to juggle dance responsibilities with homework, to schedule their time and ensure they complete tasks in the time they are not at dance. Dancers even learn from a young age to account for practice in between birthday parties and family events.

Structure and discipline of dance classes

From the get-go dancers are set up to develop time-management skills just from taking part in dance classes. This is because the structure and disciplined nature of dance classes helps to attune dancers to the importance of managing their time. Dance teachers know the bases that need to be covered for each style and usually follow a formula or structure to ensure this is achieved – particularly in ballet, tap and jazz classes. 

Improves multitasking skills

An important skill for time management is the ability to multitask. Dance improves the ability to use multiple parts of the brain at once – dancers are required to be creative through performing as characters, and at the same time remember to maintain their technique and safe dance practice by having straight legs, proper posture and more. All of this is also on top of dancers remembering the patterns and choreography they need to perform onstage. 

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24 Mar 2021