Get To Know Our Teaching Team for 2021!

Today’s post is dedicated to our Dance Factor Teaching Team. We thought it’d be a good idea to share some insight into who our teachers are at Dance Factor, and why all of us love to teach dance, before we launch into Term One for this year.

Miss Jess

Favourite style/s: Contemporary and Jazz.

Inspirations: Broadway Musicals, Radio City Rockettes, Lauren Seymour, Cat Santos.

Fun facts: Miss Jess started Dance Factor when she was 19 years old, loves pasta, has been to New York City eight times, and has super flexible fingers.

Miss Jess’s favourite thing about teaching is watching her students grow in confidence, whether it be because they have achieved new skills or fixed a bad habit. She also loves to watch her students’ friendships develop throughout the year, and she loves how her students are always teaching her in return, without them even knowing it.


Miss Bec

Favourite style/s: Ballet

Inspirations: Radio City Rockettes

Fun facts: Miss Bec is studying to be a PDHPE teacher, is a certified personal trainer, loves to travel (her favourite place is Greece) and loves to eat pasta and strawberries.

Miss Bec’s favourite thing about teaching is watching her students get excited about their achievements, or watching them have that ‘light bulb’ moment where it just clicks and they understand the technique or step.


Miss Claire

Favourite style/s: Jazz

Inspirations: All of her dance teachers she had growing up.

Fun facts: Miss Claire has competed as a dancer in Japan, has been teaching for nearly 10 years, and is also pursuing a career in pilates and training.

Miss Claire loves teaching and helping others achieve their goals no matter what they may be. She loves seeing the moments that kids ‘get’ or improve what they have been working on all year. She loves the things that dance teaches kids that aren’t just moves or choreography, watching them learn how to work as a team, or building confidence.


Miss Darcie

Favourite style/s: Lyrical

Inspirations: Miss Jess

Fun facts: Miss Darcie is currently studying Dance at school in Year 12, is the Vice-Captain of her school and says ‘the firebird’ is her signature move.

Miss Darcie’s favourite thing about teaching is having the opportunity to grow along with her students. She loves learning from them just as much as she loves teaching them new dances and skills! 


Miss Elise

Favourite style/s: Lyrical and Jazz

Inspiration: Miss Jess

Fun facts: Miss Elise has a twin sister, eats pasta pretty much every day, is currently studying Medical and Health Sciences at University, and her favourite animals are Otters.

Miss Elise loves seeing the joy and excitement that dance brings to her students at such a young age. She loves watching them improve and develop new skills as well as seeing the friendships they make along the way. 


Miss Katrina

Favourite style/s: Jazz and Contemporary

Inspirations: Miss Jess

Fun facts: Miss Katrina has been at Dance Factor since it first opened, has two brothers and a puppy named Zali, and her favourite foods are ice cream and pasta.

Miss Katrina’s favourite thing about teaching is watching the kids grow, create friendships and break out of their shells. She loves to watch her students learn to become more confident in expressing themselves.


Miss Kayla

Favourite style/s: Lyrical and Tap

Inspirations: Sher Manu

Fun facts: Miss Kayla has been teaching dance for 12 years, loves playing board games, hates spiders, loves chocolate, and has a dog named Coco.

Miss Kayla loves walking into the room and seeing how excited the students are to learn. Her favourite thing about teaching is being able to pass on her knowledge and to help her students grow as dancers every single week.


Miss Laura

Favourite style/s: Tap

Inspiration: Miss Jess

Fun facts: Miss Laura is currently studying Nursing at University, and has one younger brother.

What Miss Laura loves most about teaching is getting to know all the younger kids and seeing their confidence grow.


Miss Libby

Favourite style/s: Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical

Inspiration: Miss Jess

Fun facts: Miss Libby has been dancing at Dance Factor since she was ten years old and became a student teacher four years ago.

What Miss Libby loves about teaching is seeing her students’ faces light up in a smile as they grow as dancers, and develop new skills. She also loves that she is able to pass on her knowledge to her little dancers.


Miss Sky

Favourite style/s: Contemporary and Acro

Inspiration: Sarah Boulter, Alice Robinson, Lucy Doherty, and Miss Jess.

Fun facts: Miss Sky loves coffee with oat milk, believes in fairies, and enjoys writing stories.

Miss Sky’s favourite thing about teaching is getting the chance to be creative, and finding new ways to move and dance. She loves getting the chance to experiment with dance and acrobatics skills with her students and help them discover their potential.


Miss Steph

Favourite style/s: Lyrical and Jazz

Fun facts: Miss Steph loves eating popcorn and chocolate together, loves TV series, works full time outside of dancing, has eight birds and is a self-described crazy bird lady.

Miss Steph loves seeing the excitement and confidence that dance gives students, especially from such a young age. From them being shy in class, not saying a word, to coming off stage with such excitement on their faces asking when they get to go back out. She also loves seeing the friendships that develop from their love of dance, and continue to develop outside of dancing. 


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3 Feb 2021