Three Ways Dance Boosts Mental Health

Beyond just improving dance abilities and physical fitness, dance can actually benefit your mental health and improve your brain function.

Some of the ways dance benefits mental health consist of:

  1. Improved self esteem. Self esteem is how much you value and respect yourself. By showing yourself you are able to learn and master new dance skills you can improve self esteem.
  2. Easing anxiety and depression symptoms. Dance is a great way of getting your heart rate up, which helps ease depression and anxiety symptoms by releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain and providing a way to escape repetitive negative thought patterns.
  3. Meeting new people. Interacting with other people is important to mental wellbeing, and dance is a fun way to meet like-minded people. Having friends with similar interests contributes to a sense of belonging and helps to ease loneliness.

If you are looking for an activity that offers mental health benefits alongside physical, dance may be the activity you are looking for. Contact us for an obligation-free trial today! We have classes to suit all levels and interests. Contact

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25 May 2022


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