Dance is For Boys Too!

Sometimes it can seem that growing boys can have an endless supply of energy. This energy needs to be let off in one way or another, and while many are quick to consider sports like soccer, football and cricket, dance for boys can be a great option.

However, it cannot be ignored that there is a surrounding social stigma existing against boys that choose to dance. Unfortunately, this can discourage boys from giving dance a go. 

But, this is slowly changing. With dance being shown on mainstream television through shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, World of Dance, and Dancing With the Stars, and more, boys are being represented in the dance space on a professional level, proving that although it is not often discussed, boys dance too, and there are so many excellent role models to look up to being shown on our screens!

‘Boys only’ classes have also grown in popularity in recent times, as a way to combat this stigma surrounding the idea of boys dancing. These types of classes are only offered for boys, and can be really encouraging for them – many can find the idea of entering a classroom full of girls daunting, and seeing others similar can allow them to feel more included.

Dance is a great afternoon sport option for all children, with a variety of advantages, including improved physical fitness and overall mental wellbeing, as well as even improving social and communicative skills in children. Importantly, as dance is an artform, creativity and expression is highly valued in the classroom – no matter what gender. So dance is a sport not only for girls, but also for boys too.

Dance Factor is conscious about being an inclusive space and we encourage boys to participate in all of the classes we offer weekly. We also offer classes exclusively for boys, such as Boys Only Hip Hop – so everyone feels included! You can check out the classes on offer here.


18 Aug 2020


Announcement, General