Dance and Building Healthy Relationships

Did you know that dance classes can contribute to developing skills essential for building healthy relationships? Through movement and communication in class, dancers are able to learn key social skills. If anything the last year has shown us, it’s just how valuable and important developing these skills are.

The life skills learned at dance like respect, cooperation and confidence help to build children’s’ social-emotional development. Learning to respect teachers and work with others build a resilient and confident character. This in turn lays the foundation for the ability to have healthy relationships with others throughout the course of their lives.

Communication is key for developing social skills. Dance classes often challenge students to work as partners or in groups from a young age. This builds skills in verbal and non-verbal communication, as students learn to communicate through movement by expressing feelings and emotions, as well as conversation. 

Dance also teaches acceptance of others.  Movement is a universal language and dance transcends differences in cultures and language barriers, offering the opportunity for dancers to learn about other cultures. Overall, dance is a great way to begin encouraging children’s ability to accept others from a young age.

If you are looking for a way to build your children’s social skills, why not give dance classes a go? If you are interested in enrolling or trialling a class or have any general enquiries contact

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31 Mar 2021