Benefits of Student Teaching for Teenagers

As many dancers head into their teenage years and begin to take on more responsibility, they may develop an interest in teaching their own classes. 


It goes without saying that the skill of teaching can come with a great number of benefits for the students. Some of these include:


1. Developing a greater sense of responsibility


Being a student teacher means that students will slowly be given more and more responsibility with the class as they begin to develop their teaching skills. They will eventually have responsibilities such as leading the class through warm-ups, putting students into positions, marking the roll, and more.


2. Improved communication skills


Teaching a class will mean student teachers will have to communicate vital information to the students they teach, such as giving them tips and advice. Practicing this early on will mean student teachers gain skills in communicating advice and ideas.


3. Improved commitment skills


Committing to being a student teacher involves committing to coming and helping out every week. The student teachers develop a bond with the students they teach and are relied on by both students and the accredited dance teacher to ensure the best possible classes are being taught in the studio.


4. Developing a sense of leadership


Students will develop leadership skills as they begin teaching. These leadership skills include active listening, being empathetic with others, as well as strategy and management skills in planning and carrying out lesson plans.


5. Becoming a role model for younger students


Student teachers may become role models for younger students. They will demonstrate confidence and leadership and in turn will ensure they are setting a good example for the next generation.


Student teaching is a great way for dancers to take the knowledge they have gained over their years growing up in a dance studio environment, and pass it on to the next generation of dancers.


8 Sep 2020


General, Staff