Benefits of Improvisation for Dancers

Improvisation is a tool dancers can use to develop their skills in so many ways. Improvisation can improve the ability choreograph movement in space, assist in finding a way to express emotions, and is even just a great way for dancers to let go and have fun.


But what actually is improvisation in dance? Improvisation in dance is a practice wherein dancers will stimulate movement of the body without having previously choreographed or planned any movement. Often this is inspired by shapes, music, art or sounds around them, or sometimes even just involves the dancer responding to feelings in the body. The possibilities are endless!


By practicing and improving this skill, dancers can benefit in a variety of ways. Some of these can include:


  1. Self-expression

It can be helpful for dancers to express emotions through movement, whether it be letting off steam, expressing joy, or just relaxing through dance.

      2. Improving ability to choreograph movement:

This technique can be a way for students to improve their ability to choreograph structured dances. By improvising new and creative movements can be explored that may not have been discovered without the use of improvisation.

      3. Developing personal sense of style: 

Improvisation can help dancers understand what types of movement patterns suit them and figure out their own unique style! Through sharpening this skill, they can become more comfortable with what types of movements feel natural in their bodies.

      4. Improve musicality

Improvisation when practised with music can also improve musicality. This is because dancers actively need to listen to the layers and levels within music, which is important in developing their skills recognising and manipulating musicality within their dancing.

       5. Improved confidence

Improvisation can improve dancers confidence as they become more comfortable with it. This can be because dancers develop their sense of style, learn more about how they want to express themselves, which they are then able to perform with more confidence.


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20 Oct 2020


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