5 Ways Dancing Improves Confidence

There are many ways dancing can help children develop confidence. Whether it be learning to face a crowd, making friendships or mastering technical skills, there is something in dancing for everyone!

Dancers that consistently work hard and engage in lessons reap the benefit of developing confidence. This can set young kids up to tackle adolescence and adulthood trusting themselves more and with greater social skills.

Some of the key ways dance develops confidence are:

  • Performing: kids may feel butterflies before performing – this is okay! By getting onstage and overcoming their fear, they will grow more confident.
  • Mastering skills: learning difficult skills such as leaps and turns, can take months or even years. A student saying “I did it!” with a big smile on their face shows that persevering to master their skills can grow confidence.
  • Expression of self and individuality: dance is a physical way of expressing ourselves that doesn’t require using any words. This is great for those children who struggle to use words to show how they feel.
  • Improved social ability: meeting new friends encourages children to feel more confident in larger groups and new social situations. For older students, class can teach them to be more considerate, for example, helping others struggling with choreography – helping others inspires generosity and makes them feel more secure in themselves.

On top of all of these benefits to improving confidence, dance is also a great way to get young kids moving and having fun while doing it!

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8 Dec 2021