5 Reasons Why Boys Should Dance

Dance is becoming more and more popular after school activity for young boys. With the variety of social physical and mental benefits dance offers for children, it’s easy to see why.

On top of this more boys are being encouraged to give dance a try with programs like Mission Movement Dance. This program is now being offered here at Dance Factor.

Mission Movement dance aims “to guide and inspire pre-teen boys to develop confidence, teamwork and self-expression through engaging hip-hop dance experiences.” (click HERE for more information)

Five reasons why boys should try dance:

  1. Fitness – dance is a very physical activity, so it improves muscle and bone health, as well as boosts cardiovascular fitness. 
  2. Teamwork – many don’t realise that dance is a team activity. Dancers often do partner work in class and constantly interact with others whether it be in exercises in class as well as positioning themselves on stage.
  3. Creativity – as well as physical, dance is also an artform which involves choreography and performing skills which encourages self-expression.
  4. Leadership skills – taking up a less common sport can help to show that it’s important to be a leader not a follower. It might even inspire more boys to have the confidence to take up dance.
  5. Teaches acceptance – taking part in classes improves the ability to respect others, meeting lots of different people and building great friendships.

If you know a boy who might be interested in giving dance a try, or you want to learn more about Mission Movement Dance, don’t hesitate to enquire now! 

Dance Factor is a Wollongong-based dance studio, offering classes in all styles for all ages and abilities. If you are interested in enrolling or trialling a class or have any general enquiries contact info@dancefactor.com.au.


21 Apr 2021