4 Signs your Little One Would LOVE Dancing!

Have you been looking for a way to get your child moving in a fun, friendly environment? It can be hard to tell what activities young children might be interested in, when everything is still new. Read on for 4 signs your child could find their passion in dancing.

Since 2011, Dance Factor’s classes have been designed to support children of all ages and abilities to grow their dance skills and improve their technique. Because of the studio environment we have created, we are able to see our dancers improve, all while building children’s social skills and leadership skills in the studio.

Four signs your little one would LOVE dancing:

  1. They naturally dance to music. This is a sign they are interested in exploring more about how to move their bodies. Dance could be a great way for them to kickstart developing their fine motor skills.
  2. They show interest or ENTHUSIASM about others dancing. Whether it be on TV or in a show or local dancers performing at the shopping centre. It could be a great idea to explain to them what dance classes involve and watch their faces light up with excitement.
  3. They LOVE being active. Dance classes are a great form of exercise for kids of all ages but especially for young kids who cannot always use their words. Dance can offer an excellent release for all that energy in their bodies, especially for those kids that are naturally buzzing with lots of energy.
  4. Your child’s imagination runs wild! Creativity is actually a super important part of dance classes, so children that already have an active imagination and approach the world with curiosity will be especially suited to dance lessons. However if they don’t already have a natural imagination, dance is a great way to kickstart that development.

If you are looking for an activity that offers mental health benefits alongside physical, dance may be the activity you are looking for. Contact us for an obligation-free trial today! We have classes to suit all levels and interests. Contact info@dancefactor.com.au.

Dance Factor is a Wollongong-based dance studio.


1 Jun 2022


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