3 Ways Dance Improves Social Skills in Children

Social skills are an important part of children’s development. Dance is so much more than just a way to improve physical fitness.

Here are 3 ways that dance lessons can help foster children to grow their social skills:

  1. Improved communication skills: dance provides a different way for children to express themselves through movement. Classes also teach students how to ask for help, ask questions, and interact with others in the class.
  2. Self-regulation skills: being a dancer requires self-discipline. Over time dance can help students to control emotions and manage behaviour when difficult situations inevitably arise. It also helps children to stay focused – children with good self regulation are better at staying focused and ignoring distractions.
  3. Acceptance of others: dance is a universal language that crosses language barriers and cultures. In class, dancers can focus on what they have in common: dance. Dance also often explores other cultures through movement, which helps to foster acceptance.

If you have been looking for an after school activity that will foster your child to grow confidence to communicate in group classes and work better as a team, dance could be a great option.

Dance Factor is a Wollongong-based dance studio, offering classes in all styles for all ages and abilities. If you are interested in enrolling or trialling a class or have any general enquiries contact info@dancefactor.com.au.





8 Jun 2022


Health and Fitness